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Michael Fischetti

Michael P. Fischetti (JD, MS, MA, BA, CPCM, CAE) is an experienced acquisition executive and subject matter expert and writer in contract management, with prior experience working and leading operations and policy positions in government contracting.

He currently is a Professor of Program and Contract Management, working with students as well as experienced acquisition leaders for the Defense Acquisition University (Defense Systems Management College) and the University of Virginia. He most recently was the Executive Director of the 20,000 member National Contract Management Association (NCMA), a professional association for those practicing contract management and related professions, whereby (along with program and organizational growth) he revised the Contract Management Body of Knowledge and created the Contract Management Standard, obtaining ANSI accreditation. Prior to that role, he was Component Acquisition Executive and Head of Contracting Activity for the $50B+ Defense Health Agency and before that, Director of the Office of Procurement and Financial Assistance policy for the Department of Energy’s $23B acquisition portfolio.

Mr. Fischetti worked in federal acquisition through positions in Defense and federal agencies such as the Army Tank Automotive Command, Naval Air Systems Command, GSA Federal Technology Service, NASA and Raytheon/E-Systems, Inc.  His acquisition experience in government and industry included leadership, contracting and project management roles in operations, policy, rulemaking, information technology, business development, marketing, certification and education. He has been a Federal Contracting Officer in multiple agencies, developed and implemented acquisition and financial assistance policy in both civilian and Defense organizations and negotiated both government and industry contractual positions.  He has presented policy development to Congressional oversight bodies, senior political appointees, Inspectors General and the media. He created acquisition career management programs, developed spend analysis and strategic sourcing initiatives, developed and implemented curricula and programs through books, live events, webinars and virtual media, for classroom, seminar, conference and online formats. He has also written and spoken on contracting subjects through articles, blogs, radio and television and at national and local conferences and events.

Mr. Fischetti is a Certified Professional Contract Manager and Certified Association Executive. He possesses a law degree, two masters, in National Resource Strategy through the National Defense University and Business Management from Central Michigan University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science from the State University of New York at Buffalo